An Early Frost

The Forest Lodge

The Mountain Lodge

Having drove off the the evil ice fey Fawfein the party approaches the lodge over seeing Red Run Gorge and the Somir vally with caution. However, lying in wait the party sets off a trap and the rogue is mortally wounded. She narrowly qualfs a potion. In a flury of blades and arrows bandits come pouring out of the lodge. Some of the bandits look ill and the druid warns not to approach them while the elven ranger Wednesday makes short work picking off targets methotically from a distance. While half the the party push their way through the lodge, the monk, druid and ranger head to the roof top of the lodge only to discover that two ice skeltons inhabit the upper chamber, drawing their attention then break the glass and grab for the heros. Meanwhile, the paladin is surrounded by ice skeletons, unsure whether the influence of the skeletons or some unseen force a murderous urge to kill one of his companions over comes him and races to the roof.

Meanwhile the slyvan rouge draws upon her ability to be as thin as air to hide from the ice elementals that surround her as she hides under the table. Moving quickly she escapes her prison of icy bone to discover who has been controling the animated skeletons. Unseen by the cleric the rogue finds just the right spot in his armour and pierces a major organ. The cleric goes down as the monk smacks in the head with a frying pan.

Or something much like the above.

Either way you loot the place over.

mwk studded leather,
dagger, light crossbow with 10 bolts, mwk short sword,
cloak of the yeti
Spell Book

In the bedrooms of the lodge you find the following:

gold ingot engraved with the Taldan royal seal (worth 50 gp)
a spyglass
a silver lady’s ring (worth 25 gp)
three shards of tiger’s eye gemstones (100)
a fine pair of leather riding boots of elven make (worth 15 gp
a silver dagger with a hidden compartment in the hilt (Perception DC 20 to find) containing 1 dose of small centipede poison
a leather portfolio containing several pieces of parchment,
including a scroll of endure elements, 3 unidentitifed scrolls.
In a small storage room in the upper floors you find the following

Dozens of small boxes, bottles, and papers fill this musty
storeroom. A small iron cage sits on the top shelf, emanating a
flickering light like that of a candle.
Who wants to search and who want to examine the cage?



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