An Early Frost

Into the winter

After the party explores the lodge they discover a small Fey trapped in a cage. They question the fey who tells them that the White Witches have come; they will cover everything in ice. When pressed for further information the Fairy panics and cries that they will hurt him. Sympathetic to the feys fears they release him and he escapes into the night calling out I’m free, I’m free!

The next day the party ventures deeper into the woods. While crossing the bridge the paladin falls into the icy river below. The party attempts to rescue the paladin who turns into a Merman and swims to safety. As the party ventures deeper into the woods they are attacked by Ice Skeletons and large treant like creatures, until they come across the corpse of a young man. They recover is journal and discover e was a man from Eldren the nearby town and was hunting a giant weasel. As they look through his journal they find an entry about a strange hut and a mysterious doll within.

As the party enters the Somir valley they come across the hut. As they progress closer through the maze of ice a young girl appears in the mist running from the party. She calls out childish phrases like, im sorry, I didn’t mean to call you names, don’t hurt me, I don’t want your stupid doll…until all of a sudden the mist coalesces into a swirling chaos of images, crying children, a strong jawed woman, an elderly woman, and lastly a laughing maniacal witch. For a moment one of the party turns on other until they are able to subdue her. As the party explores further through the maze they discover the hut mentioned in the journal. A doll sits inside and once again they can hear a strange child’s laughter. Pre-emptively the druid sets the hut on fire before anything can emerge to attack the party. As they examine the ashes another dark cloud of angry faces emerge from the hut and engulf the ranger, the rougé, and the druid, causing them to flee recklessly into the nearby woods.

The Forest Lodge

The Mountain Lodge

Having drove off the the evil ice fey Fawfein the party approaches the lodge over seeing Red Run Gorge and the Somir vally with caution. However, lying in wait the party sets off a trap and the rogue is mortally wounded. She narrowly qualfs a potion. In a flury of blades and arrows bandits come pouring out of the lodge. Some of the bandits look ill and the druid warns not to approach them while the elven ranger Wednesday makes short work picking off targets methotically from a distance. While half the the party push their way through the lodge, the monk, druid and ranger head to the roof top of the lodge only to discover that two ice skeltons inhabit the upper chamber, drawing their attention then break the glass and grab for the heros. Meanwhile, the paladin is surrounded by ice skeletons, unsure whether the influence of the skeletons or some unseen force a murderous urge to kill one of his companions over comes him and races to the roof.

Meanwhile the slyvan rouge draws upon her ability to be as thin as air to hide from the ice elementals that surround her as she hides under the table. Moving quickly she escapes her prison of icy bone to discover who has been controling the animated skeletons. Unseen by the cleric the rogue finds just the right spot in his armour and pierces a major organ. The cleric goes down as the monk smacks in the head with a frying pan.

Or something much like the above.

Either way you loot the place over.

mwk studded leather,
dagger, light crossbow with 10 bolts, mwk short sword,
cloak of the yeti
Spell Book

In the bedrooms of the lodge you find the following:

gold ingot engraved with the Taldan royal seal (worth 50 gp)
a spyglass
a silver lady’s ring (worth 25 gp)
three shards of tiger’s eye gemstones (100)
a fine pair of leather riding boots of elven make (worth 15 gp
a silver dagger with a hidden compartment in the hilt (Perception DC 20 to find) containing 1 dose of small centipede poison
a leather portfolio containing several pieces of parchment,
including a scroll of endure elements, 3 unidentitifed scrolls.
In a small storage room in the upper floors you find the following

Dozens of small boxes, bottles, and papers fill this musty
storeroom. A small iron cage sits on the top shelf, emanating a
flickering light like that of a candle.
Who wants to search and who want to examine the cage?

The White Stag

As they head deeper into the woods they encounter a strange white stag called Fawfein who leads them through the woods. On the way they encounter a white Tatzlwyrm which viciously attacks the rogue and almost carriers her’s off over the ridge.

As they come to the base of the ridge that leads up into the hills they see smoke from what they figure is the lodge at the crest of the hills. Stealthy approaching the entrance to the ridge trail they encounter 3 bandit who charge the party, slashing and swearing as fight to the death. The party dispatches the bandits and begin to climb the trail.

As they go deep still into the woods the party is confronted by the white stag. However, the druid has noticed something funny about the stag as if something is invisibly riding on it’s back. The party quickly begins to realize that someone or something has been leading them into traps. Without warning the stag attacks. To the surprise of the paladin his longsword shrinks to one half it’s size. As the party surround and slaughter the stag a screaming pierce fills the air as a little green figure appears and charges. After swearing and cursing the party, the little green creature escapes and swears revenge on the one who killed his stag and that they have not seen the last of Fawfein.

As you climb the snowy ridge you notice a faded and frozen sign on the side of the trail. It says Red Run Gorge. The druid explains that the way to the temple is pass the lode and across the ore. For many years, an organization of Taldan rangers called the High Sentinels has operated out of a fortified lodge at the top of Red Run Gorge in the Border Wood, charged with guarding the forest against Qadiran aggression, lest Taldor’s ancient enemy use the wood to hide another invasion force. The Sentinels guard these woods and spend their time hunting down bandits who used the forest to attack trade routes in the southern prefectures of Taldor. As the druid continues to explain their original purpose was to guard the secret temple across Red Run gorge.

After continuing to climb at least a hundred feet into the hills, the snowy trail finally levels off. In a clearing among the trees, a large wooden lodge overlooks a ravine spanned by a long rope bridge. Smoke rises from the lodge’s two snow-covered chimneys, and large woodpile is stacked against the outer wall. A small outbuilding stands east of the lodge, and a stone well nearby blanketed by snow is barely recognizable to the north. Several tracks lead southwest toward a detached stable.

River Fiends and an Army of Ice Fey

While in the wood the party is attacked by strange fey like creature that have hung raven from the trees like nightmarish fruit and Ice elementals guarding the river. They find the corpse of a local farmer frozen to the side of the road. On him they find a composite long bow.

Town and the Attack Site

The party immediately sets out to prepare for their mission into the forest. Warned by the druid they check to see if any winter clothes can be found in the town and gather needed supplies. The Ranger Thursday seeks out to speak to the wounded solider at the local apothacary Tessaraea Willowbark, refuses to admit just some stranger from speaking to him. Tanacious to a falt she using her ingenuinity to slip in the back window where the solider talks about bandits coming through the woods and ice blue fey. In his brief moments of consciousness he speaks of white witches and then shutters before falling into unconsciousness as Tessaraea find Wednesday has snuck into the room and immediately theatens to call the town guards.

Meanwhile, the druid speaks to the town mayor, who asks her to bring her information of the baroness who was travelling with the soilder. She says any proof of her where about will surely bring a hefty reward and provides her some money upfront to fund the expeditions.

The monk visits only Mother Theodora and asks her more about her visions. Theodora tells her that the fey are the sign of the white witches far in the north. She asks the monk if she is able, would she retrieve an item of some interest to her from the forest a dagger of ice from the heart of a winter creature. While with Mother Theodora the monk asks her to tell her future, she tells her that a great beast will acquire a taste for her blood and will follow her for the rest of her days. Disturbed by the vision the monk leaves the old woman before inquiring about magical items. She says she has a scroll of sleep and a wand of scorching ray that she may be willing to part with if she brings her the dagger of ice.

Off to the woods the party goes where they encounter two of the Baroness’s hand maidens reanimated and locked in the over turned carriage and one of the solider frozen in a block of ice. He appears dissected his arm and pieces of his torso seeming to be have cut away.


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